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How To Buy ALT Coins Like IOTA, Ripple, Verge, etc

The main question that repeatedly comes up, “Where to buy IOTA? or “How do I buy the Ripple coin?”. Coinbase only sells BTC, ETH, LTC, and BCH. There are many coin exchanges on the market but many of them do not allow US citizens to participate. One such exchange, bitfinex, recently closed their exchanges to US citizens. This was due to a few reasons, one being they did not want to accept risk from the US market. Another problem is that most exchanges don’t have a wide variety of crypto coins listed on their exchanges.

The exchange we will be using is binance. They have the biggest selection of cryptocurrencies and is one of the only exchanges with the IOTA cryptocurrency. This will require some work on your part, as there is currently no simple protocol for buying other coins.

I also recommend using a computer or tablet to do this. Not very easy to do on a phone.


Steps to buy IOTA, Ripple, NEO, Verge, or any other Altcoins on Binance

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