If you want to mine Bitcoin or any other ASIC based coins, you will need ASIC miners. The problem is there are lots of ASIC miners available in the market, so how do you choose the best ASIC miner? We have devised a list below reviewing the best ASIC miners that are currently in the market.

Criteria for choosing the best ASIC miners

There are two crucial factors that you should also consider when measuring the performance of miners. One is the machine electric efficiency and the second one is the price per hash. There are also some secondary factors that you should consider such as the price of the miner. Using the criteria mentioned, here is the list below.

Best ASIC miners available in the market


  1. AntMiner S9

Bitmain Antminer S9 Bitcoin Miner, 0.098 J/GH Power Efficiency, 14TH/s
  • Bitcoin Mining Hash Rate: 14.0TH/s ±5%
  • Power Consumption: 1372W ±10% (Power supply not included)
  • Most Power Efficient Bitcoin Miner: 0.098 J/GH ±7%
  • Built-in web management portal - No separate host computer or software required
  • Power supply sold separately - AntMiner APW3++ power supply recommended if you have 220v+. EVGA SuperNova 1600 G2 recommended if you only have 110-120v power.

If you really love quality and you don’t care much about the cost, then you should get the AntMiner S9. The S9 Miner has an advertised capacity of 13.5 TeraHash per second. It is also power efficient which is a bonus given the price of the miner. The miner is rated at 0.098 W/Gh, and it weighs about 8.1 lbs.

Now the question is the AntMiner S9 worth the price? The simple answer is that the S9 miner produces an estimated 0.3603 BTC earned monthly, and it is also power efficient. You will earn more profit with the S9 miner, so it is worth the price.

  1. Avalon 6

Block C Avalon6 Bitcoin Miners - 3.5 TH/s
  • Hashrate: 3.5TH/sʱ5%
  • Power Efficiency: 0.29 Watts/GH at the wall (assumes commercial PSU, 93%+ efficiency)
  • Performance variance: ± 5% variance possible on quoted performance statistics
  • ASIC Processor Model: Avalon A3218 (quantity = 80 per miner)

Another great miner is the Avalon 6. It has an advertised capacity of 3.5 Th/s. It is power efficient, and its power efficiency is rated at about 0.29 W/Gh. The miner weighs 9.5 lbs, and a bit expensive but not as expensive as the AntMiner S9. This miner will produce 0.1232 BTC monthly.

  1. AntMiner S7

Antminer S7 ~4.73TH/s @ .25W/GH 28nm ASIC Bitcoin Miner
  • Hash Rate: 4.73 TH/s ±5%
  • Power Consumption: 1293W ±10%
  • Power Efficiency: 0.25 W/GH ±10%
  • Requires 10x 6 pin pci-e connectors
  • Power Supply required and sold seperately

The AntMiner S7 is also a great miner with an advertised capacity of 4.73 Th/s. It has a power efficiency rating of 0.25 W/Gh. It weighs 8.8 lbs. It costs around $500 but the price isn’t constant, it can fall and rise depending on the market demand and production.

The S7 miner is expensive, and it eats up a lot of electricity. It produces approximately 0.1645 BTC monthly which is better than the Avalon 6 which is more expensive.


Budget-Friendly Miners (Under $150)

Listed below is the only budget ASIC miner we could find and by budget, we really mean budget. At under $150, this miner is the perfect gift for someone who wants to dip their toe into the mining pool. This is for people with a tight budget or can’t fathom spending thousands of dollars on a miner. Keep in mind, this miner is not going to earn you much, if at all, nothing.


  1. GekkoScience Compact USB Stick Bitcoin Miner

No products found.

This Bitcoin miner is a better than the first block erupters that were introduced to the market. USB erupters are currently gone from the market as they jut aren’t profitable. We think this miner may be gone soon too given that mining is becoming extremely competitive. This miner turns out a little bit more profit at $0.15 monthly which is more than a dollar each year.


This guide is mainly for people who are new to mining that are trying to enter the mining pool. While the budget friendly miner isn’t much, it at least allows the water to be tested. Again, as time moves forward, mining will become harder and harder. People may end up needing 2 antminer s9’s to make a bit of money, maybe 3. As the market changes rapidly, we can expect many more miners to be introduced to the market.

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